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Frequently Asked Questions

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We manufacture in countries throughout the world to ensure we get the very best quality of product. Joules has always had close working relationships with suppliers and they must all adhere to our compliance procedures before they can work with us.
At Joules our ‘Just Good Business’ teams work towards making sure that what we do is right for us, the people we work with, the communities we are based in, where our clothes are made and the planet too. Joules is, and always has been, a business that prides itself on quality in all the things we do and fairness in the way we do business. Quality has always been pursued over price and we do not run a business where profit is pursued at any cost. Watch this space for more information about all the good things Joules are doing.
Yes we do. Each year we design products as part of a charity range. When you buy these products, we give a percentage of the money we receive to charity. We support Nuzzlets, The Esther Benjamin’s Trust and Just World International.
Support for charity and community events is very important to us at Joules and we always try our best to offer as much help as we can; we support charities on a national and international level as well as at local store level too. We always consider requests that we receive and we try to support different events and causes each year so that we can be as fair as possible with the funds and support that are available to us. As you can imagine we do receive a lot of requests for help for a lot of worthwhile causes and like any business, we have to put a limit on the number of different things that we can support throughout the year. We cannot promise our help but we do promise to consider any requests that we receive.
Joules and their supplier of toiletries do not test or commission any animal testing on raw materials or finished toiletry products.

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